Tallinn University of Technology

The new student pub Oivik, located in TalTech Sports Club, held a quiz night as it's opening event and it was led by a legendary quizmaster Jaan Allik. The event attracted many quiz fans from all over Estonia to test their intelligence. 

"Quiz nights have gained a lot of popularity in Estonia in the last couple of years and it seemed to be a logical move for us to have a quiz night as an opening event for Oivik. The high quality of the quiz was taken care by Jaan Allik- a well known quizmaster in Estonia.  

In addition to usual questions from around the world, there were also many dedicated for the 102nd anniversary of Tallinn University of Technology. Three teams consisting of TalTech employees took part from the quiz night of which one of them, team “Fat Kids” (Hele-Riin Pihel, Toomas Pihel, Tom Erik Luoma-aho, Martin Parker” managed to win the whole event. They were followed by “Pärnu KEK” and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences’ team “Jumalauta”.  

The next quiz night will take place already in mid-Ocotober. The exact date will be revealed on Oivik’s Facebook page soon!