Tallinn University of Technology

The Department of Business Administration invites the TalTech Community, i.e., all students and lecturers to participate in an online survey in connection with an on-going Erasmus+ project (2021-2023) titled “Inclusive Digital Education Access: IDEA”, involving partners that represent six European countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Italy and Poland).


The overall objective is to adapt pedagogy to increase students’ engagement and provide a more inclusive learning environment. Considering this focus, which is relevant for TalTech’s teaching and learning environment, the participation of students and lecturers is an important part of the successful realisation of this research project.

The information gathered will be treated strictly confidential and based on the survey results it will not be possible to draw any conclusions to individual persons. Prof. Susanne Durst, susanne.durst@taltech.ee, would be available for further information about the IDEA project.


More information on the project can be found here as well: theideaproject.eu