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The Institute of Geology and the Institute of Marine Systems of TalTech have established a special scholarship for first-year students of the bachelor degree in "Earth Systems, Climate and Technologies", which will grant excelling students with more than 500 euros per month. In addition, other scholarships are offered by private companies and associations interested in a sustainable future.


The new curriculum will train experts in marine environment, climate, crustal and mineral resources. Since this knowledge has a high demand in society, the university is exploring opportunities to motivate students.

According to Leeli Amon, Senior Program Researcher and Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Geology, we face major challenges related to the changing environment and limited resources of the planet. “We need experts who know nature and the changes that take place there, and who can find smart solutions to problems with the help of data science and modern technology. The new curriculum combines science, engineering, and IT and is designed for young people who want to make the use of the Earth's resources more sustainable, ”explained Amon.

Future green innovation and crustal engineers, climate scientists, marine scientists and geologists can apply for a total of 520 euros in scholarships per month from TalTech. The four best first-year students studying full-time will receive an additional 200-euro specialty scholarship, and all students with an average grade of at least 4.0 will be able to apply for a 100-euro performance scholarship (first-year students will be able to apply from the second semester once the first semester results are available). In addition, students can apply for a needs-based study grant of € 220.

Successful students also have the opportunity to apply for scholarships from Estonian industrial, design, and construction companies, whose annual scholarships can exceed 1,500 euros. Students of the new curriculum can also apply for a scholarship of the Estonian Mountain Society, which amounts to 1,300 euros for bachelor studies and 2,000 euros for master studies.

According to Henri Olavi Suomalainen, a master's student at the Institute of Geology and a scholarship holder of the Estonian Mountain Society, young people mostly use the scholarship for their professional development or study abroad. “I have benefited a lot from my scholarship during my current foreign semester at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Thanks to this, I have been able to participate in fieldwork in the surrounding countries. I applied for a master scholarship from the Estonian Mountain Society through the Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund, which offers various grants to students in cooperation with various companies, ”said Suomalainen, whoconfirmed that anyone can apply for scholarships. .

Te TalTech Institute of Geology is part of the Faculty of Science and combines science, engineering and IT. Graduates of the Institute's renewed undergraduate program "Earth Systems, Climate and Technologies" can become green innovation and crustal engineers, climate scientists, marine scientists, geologists, data analysts or some other professional in the future.

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