Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn Selver Volleyball Club have decided to unite the representative teams

The goal of the emerging team is to play for the brightest medals in the Baltic League as well as in the Estonian championship and cup competitions next season. Joining teams plays a major role in the two clubs' similar goals: linking education and sport, promoting volleyball among students, and providing sporting outcomes for young athletes. The desire is to create a strong club pyramid, which, in addition to the representative team, includes the women participating in the Baltic League and the first league team, which will start growing players for the representative team.

According to Rait Käbin, the director of the sports club of Tallinn University of Technology, the university Sports Club is happy to start cooperating with the Selver volleyball team, which has a positive image of the sports landscape for many years and constantly contributes to the development of its young people. “The emerging volleyball pyramid allows us to reach many potential students through sports and to emphasize the image of Tallinn University of Technology as a university that respects sports. The role of the university sports club will remain to be responsible for the activities of the representative team and to promote student sports through volleyball, ”Käbin said.

Over the years, Tallinna Selver has been the most successful youth volleyball club in Estonia, and the club's representative team has become the Estonian champion nine times, the Estonian Cup winner seven times and the Baltic League title winner seven times. The nominal sponsor of the club since 2005 has been AS Selver, which has made it possible to achieve its goals and made an invaluable contribution to the popularization of volleyball. "Long-term cooperation with the largest volleyball club in the region has been mutually successful and we are pleased that together with the Technical University we can continue to contribute to the development of the club and connect even more to the volleyball community of the capital," said Kristi Lomp, Member of the Board.


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Tallinn Selver Volleyball Club
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Rait Käbin
Tallinn University of Technology Sports Club
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