Tallinn University of Technology

Today, the 9th of September, Tallinn University of Technology is organising a unique Campus party, which is expected to attract around 3,000 university employees, students, alumni and collaborators. This will be the fourth time that the Campus party has been held. 


The aim of the party is to bring together all members of the university for its anniversary. Dozens of different events await the participants throughout the day. For example, tours around the campus, the Mektory building and the university archives, as well as workshops, memory games, a spirited pentathlon between different student organisations and alumni gatherings throughout the Mustamäe district of the university.

The day programme closes with a grand inventors' song and dance festival where several cultural collectives from Tallinn University of Technology will perform together with the audience: choir singers, the folk-dance band Kuljus, TalTech’s BigBand, top conductors and soloists Hanna-Liina Võsa, Ivo Linna and Kristjan Karmo. The afterparty will feature famous performers such as Nublu, Terminaator and Ivo Linna with Supernova.

While the University of Technology will celebrate its 104th anniversary on the 17th of September, the university's Mustamäe campus celebrates its 60th anniversary. Today, the campus covers an area of 557,000 square metres and has 37 buildings. There are currently over 9000 students and 1900 employees in Tallinn University of Technology, and over 77,000 alumni.

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