Tallinn University of Technology

One of the most influential network of universities of technology Eurotech in cooperation with TalTech (Tallinn University of Technology) and Czech Technical University in Prague has set in motion their common ambition to reform engineering study programmes in Europe, in order to advance the competitiveness and protection of the European values in engineering.

EuroTech in cooperation with its partners from Tallinn and Prague has proposed to European Commission to finance the creation of “future proof“ study programmes in science and technology, in order to address the changing needs of society by anchoring the knowledge triangle in European values. These will be number one study programmes in engineering based in science and technology in order to address the changing needs of society.

The purpose of the ambition is to advance the competitiveness of Europe with societally-aware talent capable of taking adequate and sustainable decisions and taking leadership in large-scale changes in technology at the same time being world-class partner both in science and entrepreneurship.

“I am delighted that TalTech decided to enter the EuroTech Engineer Network, because our universities share so many of the same ambitions and values,” says President of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Anders Bjarklev.

“Both TalTech and DTU regard internationalization and strong European partnerships as important means to develop and ensure the highest quality of our research, education and innovation, and a core component in our new network will be to create new opportunities for our entrepreneurial students. We now set out to create synergies across campi and borders for the benefit of every European country and the world at large,” he adds.

“Engineering and IT go hand in hand at our university, which is reflected in our innovative study programmes,” says TalTech’s Rector Jaak Aaviksoo and states: “We believe modern technologies shall be even more extensively introduced into everyday teaching practice to the benefit of all students enrolled in the EuroTech Engineer Network.”

Invitation to the high profile project of EuroTech is a recognition of recent reforms at TalTech; partners from Europe are especially valuing the master’s programme of Digital Transformation in Business focusing of bringing into IT and teaching the narrative of ICT to those talents whose first degree is outside IT.

EuroTech Universities Alliance consists of Technical University of Denmark, École Polytechnique, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, the Technion, Eindhoven University of Technology, Technical University of Munich. Founded in 2011, the EuroTech Universities Alliance is a strategic partnership of leading European universities of science and technology committed to excellence in research and jointly developing solutions to the grand challenges of society.