Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology and the public limited company Onninen have signed a cooperation agreement, the main goals of which are to make Estonia a more attractive place to live and work, increase the country’s competitiveness, and highlight Estonia’s reputation as a technological country. The cooperation will include the development and testing of new technological solutions.

According to the framework agreement, the cooperation will include research and development, education and training, the promotion of start-ups, as well as the popularisation of research and entrepreneurship. ‘It has always been our desire to promote innovation and sustainable economy more broadly, and supporting Tallinn University of Technology and technological education is part of this,’ said Peeter Matt, Chairman of the Board of AS Onninen. ‘As a company with a long track record, we can offer know-how, help with lab equipment, as well as internships. This way, we see an opportunity to create more competence in Estonia, especially in the energy sector, to find relevant solutions.’

Tallinn University of Technology will provide Onninen with basic and applied research and professional consultancy, promote the teaching of disciplines related to the partner’s activities, as well as internships and work.

‘I see very different and extensive opportunities to combine the competence of TalTech with Onninen’s long-term practical experience and know-how,’ said Fjodor Sergejev, Dean of the School of Engineering. ‘We can bring together infrastructure and the most valuable thing of all – the skills of our people – to boost engineering development in areas such as energy and construction. Onninen’s internships provide engineering students with another opportunity to learn from experts in their field and contribute to shaping Estonia’s future while still studying,’ Sergejev added.

The cooperation agreement was signed for an initial period of five years, and it can be extended and renewed as the cooperation progresses.

AS Onninen provides solutions for heating, water supply and sewerage, electricity, refrigeration, ventilation, and cooling professionals – general contractors, installers, and industrial companies, as well as the public sector and retail companies. AS Onninen, a Kesko Group company, has received the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14000:2015 certifications.

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