Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech and Wolfscape, the leader of project Hundipea, Tallinn’s first climate-neutral district, have entered into a cooperative research and development agreement


According to the agreement, the parties intend to jointly contribute to climate intelligence, energy savings and the establishment of neighbourhoods that are better for people. This includes sustainable transport, green technology development models, as well as planning green areas, community and social buildings that shape the community, and more.

Together, they support green thinking, compliance with the principles of climate-neutrality and comprehensive green solutions in Tallinn and throughout Estonia. The achieved results are to be presented across the world.

The collaboration between the university and the green technology company arose out of mutual interest. TalTech has a green mindset and wishes to stand out with its climate intelligence and energy efficiency, become the test centre of the future city and achieve climate neutrality by 2035. However, the goal of Wolfscape, whose legal name is Hundipea OÜ, is to develop strategies for the creation of neighbourhoods that are smart, sustainable and good for people.

“Together, we are working to ensure that the campus of TalTech itself, the district of Põhja-Tallinn and, eventually, the entire city could move towards climate neutrality and being green,” explained the Vice-Rector for Green Transformation Helen Sooväli-Sepping.

According to Markus Hääl, a member of the Management Board of Hundipea OÜ, the collaboration provides significant security to their plans. “The campus of TalTech and the pilot area we are planning in Paljassaare are very similar in terms of population and size. Together, we can share our knowledge on how to create an environment that is climate neutral and good for people. With this collaboration, we hope to encourage other companies to include research institutions in their projects.”

The Vice-Rector for Green Transformation Helen Sooväli-Sepping signed the agreement on behalf of TalTech and members of the Management Board Mirjam-Mari Marastu and Markus Hääl on behalf of Hundipea OÜ.

TalTech is the flagship of Estonian technical and IT science and education, and provides higher education at all levels in engineering and technical sciences, information technology, economics, natural sciences and maritime affairs. The uniqueness of Estonia’s only university of technology stems from the synergy of fields, which facilitates the emergence of new ideas.

The aim of Wolfscape is to change the so-called brownfield in Paljassaare, Tallinn into a district that is beneficial for both people and nature. The 480,000 m² green area that is easily accessible on foot will in the future be equally divided between residential and commercial buildings, thus creating a sustainable living environment and fertile conditions for green companies.

More information: Helen Sooväli-Sepping, Vice-Rector of Green Transformation at TalTech, helen.soovali-sepping@taltech.ee.

Markus Hääl, Member of the Management Board of Hundipea OÜ, Markus.Haal@hundipea.ee