Tallinn University of Technology

Half of the épée team that won a gold medal in the Tokyo Summer Olympics are alumni of Tallinn University of Technology – Erika Kirpu and Irina Embrich, who performed fantastically in the last matches. TalTech is proud of the great athletic achievements of its alumni and wishes them well in their future careers.

Eesti epeenaiskonna olümpiavõit

Irina Embrich graduated from Tallinn University of Technology in 2004 with a degree in chemical and environmental technology and Erika Kirpu in 2014 with a degree in law.

Hanno Tomberg, head of the TalTech Open University and former sports commentator: “The athletic performance given by the team in Tokyo was one of the most nerve-wracking ones I’ve seen. The leaders of the team who successfully performed in the individual tournament gave all the members of the quartet confidence in the team competition. We saw the team working as one, each member perfectly playing her part.”

Congratulations to the team members and their coaches from the entire university