Tallinn University of Technology

Cultural Deed of the Year 2019: Folk Dance Group Kuljus' 70th Anniversary Concert Kaheksakand

Picture of Kuljus's dancers.

In 2019, TalTech dance group Kuljus celebrated its 70th anniversary with a grand concert performance ‘Kaheksakand’, which was performed in Põlva, Kohtla-Järve, and at Alexela Concert Hall in Tallinn.

In addition to studying different dances in training lessons, the last year was spent on solving various organisational issues to bring the memorable dance concert to the audience. The concerts were attended by about 1,500 spectators and with performances outside Tallinn, Kuljus took high-quality and entertaining folk dance beyond the capital. It introduced the audience to a high level of folk dance as well as to Tallinn University of Technology, demonstrating the value of pursuing culture besides education and research at the university.

In addition to the grand celebration of the anniversary, Kuljus successfully participated in the jubilee dance festival ‘Minu arm’ with seven dance groups.

Picture of Siim Salin

Sports Deed of the Year 2019: Powerlifting medals of Siim Salin at the World University Cup

Siim Salin is a master’s student in Computer Sciences at TalTech and a powerlifter, who earned a silver medal from the World University Powerlifting Cup. Siim lifted a total of 760 kilograms in the individual events: 275 kg from squat (personal record, silver medal), 175 kg from bench press (personal record, bronze medal), and 310 kg from deadlift (silver medal). 760 kg is also his personal record.