Tallinn University of Technology

The winners of TalTech essay and idea competition were announced on the 21st of January. The winners were Sergei Bogatenkov with his essay on “University without university , a two time TalTech Alumnus and the CEO of Admiral Markets, and dr. Kristel Vene, a food scientist in Tallinn University of Technology, with an idea “SharkTank TalTech”.  


Altogether 18 essays were sent in for the competition. The participants ranged from entrepreneurs to high school students, and some TalTech employees taking part as well. The members of the jury of the essay competiton: Kaupo Meiel, Meelis Mandel, Mait Palts, Arto Aas, Margus Haidak, Sten Ärm, Gunnar Okk, Tiit Land, Hendrik Voll, Maarja Kruusmaa and Joosep Kaasik. Sergei Bogatenkov asked in his essay how could the university innovate in order to enrich their students’ knowledge and skill package in ever-changing environments. Read Sergei's essay

Kristel Vene

The idea competitions saw 34 different ideas coming in, and as mentioned, the idea competition grand prize went to dr Kristel Vene with her “SharkTank TalTech”- a group of experts choosing best products or services offered by people in order to create something out of them- just like the popular tv-show SharkTank. The experts would then help the idea, product or service authors reach their goals through training programmes.

The winners were announced during TalTech Development Conference on the 21st of January.