Tallinn University of Technology

This Sunday, TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy celebrates its 100th anniversary. Along with students, alumni, staff and collaborators, next week is a joyful anniversary party, the Maritime Academy building is already decorated since September the timeline “Sailing for 100 Years”, social media shows 100 students' reasons to choose maritime education and in November, we will open a maritime themed sculpture made during the anniversary party in the yard of the Maritime Academy.

Since September, it has been possible to make a sea voyage through the last hundred years in the stairwell of the Estonian Maritime Academy. The exhibition "Timeline" exhibits 100 photographs, reflecting the moments of life of sailors, fishermen, maritime specialists and coastal people, as well as the development of maritime education throughout the years 1919-2019. You can even see a black-and-white picture of the early years of the history of the Maritime Academy, dating back to 1924, which depicts the first graduation class blue water captains of Tallinn Maritime School.

The first maritime school in Estonia was founded in 1715 in Tallinn. Tallinn Maritime School, succeeding by TalTech Estonian Maritime Academy, was founded in 1919 as one of the navigation classes. Over the course of hundred years, many mergers have taken place, including in 2014, when the Estonian Maritime Academy joined the Tallinn University of Technology as a college. On January 1, 2017 TTÜ Estonian Maritime Academy became one of the five structural units on the School level.