Tallinn University of Technology

The senate of TalTech decided on 21st of July that it will generally not accept candidate students into the first and second level of studies from countries, where in the last 14 days the cumulative number of positive corona tests is greater than 16 persons per 100 000 inhabitants or if reliable data is lacking concerning the country and it has the danger of a high spread of the virus.

There are slightly over 300 such candidate students.

The TalTech programmes in English will still be opened. The university is ready to make exceptions, for example to those students who have finished Bachelor’s studies here and have started Master’s studies, without having left Estonia in the meantime.

The decision of the TalTech senate, approached from the readiness to protect the wellbeing and health of the university’s students and employees and people of Estonia from the corona virus.

The TalTech Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs, Hendrik Voll, said that the decision has been made with a heavy heart. “The virus is currently under good control in Estonia, largely thanks to the joint effort of all the people. The prime risk for a new outburst of the virus is considered the bringing in of new cases from abroad. TalTech does not want to risk with the health of the people and therefore is ready to accept less foreign students. We will only immatriculate students from those countries, which as of the 3rd of August are considered to be low corona risk countries, according to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The interest among students from Estonia and the European Union for the English study programmes of the technical university is fortunately high and no programme will remain unopened due to lack of students”, confirmed Voll.