Tallinn University of Technology

Welcome to TalTech new website!

The new website is built on the latest technological platform and its design takes maximum account of the navigation logic, which works equally on both mobile and desktop screens.

As with new things, there may still be errors here, but we will do our best to resolve them quickly. We are working to ensure the best user experience.

TalTech old website can be accessed for some time at old.taltech.ee. If you want to go to a specific link on the old web, print OLD (without www) in front of the link, for example old.taltech.ee/research.


How to access the old website?

The old website can be accessed for a while at old.taltech.ee

How much longer is the old website accessible?

We will make a full copy of the website in the near future, so that in the event that someone (unexpectedly) needs information on the old web in the future, it will be stored and available upon request. There is no risk of losing any important content/information. We will let you know in advance about the date of making a copy and closing old user accounts!

After making a copy, we'll gradually delete the transferred pages on the old web.

What if the link to the old web doesn't work?

If you want to go to a specific link on the old web, type old (without www) in front of the link, for example old.taltech.ee/research

Where can I find links to Moodle, ÕIS and the Intranet?

These links are located in the footer of the TalTech website.

The Frequently Asked Questions section is constantly being updated!