Tallinn University of Technology

Collecting is completed! Thank you for your contribution.

There are boxes in the lobby of TalTech’s main building and on the third floor of the economics building, where foodstuffs can be donated for those in need.

Right now, the best donations are sweets, biscuits, jam, nuts, breakfast cereals and, of course, various canned food items.

Dr Merli Reidolf from the Department of Business Administration has been helping the Food Bank for a few years now: “There are so many good people around us and I am glad I get to do a little something together with my colleagues so that those who can help, will help, so that no-one needs to suffer an empty stomach.”

On 17 December, Rector Tiit Land and Dr Kati Kõrbe from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, together with master’s students of logistics, will go and help out at the Food Bank. Kati Kõrbe is very glad that the master’s students of logistics wanted to spend a day at the Food Bank together to help out and do something good at Christmas. She adds: “Getting practical experience while doing something good or helping someone is the perfect form of studies at Christmas time.”