Tallinn University of Technology

Last week, the reputable ranking agency of the world’s universities QS published a subject-based list of the best universities in the world. The TalTech reforms have helped the university reach the top 2% of the best universities in the world in five subjects. 

TalTech made the reputable QS World University Rankings by Subject (QS) with three new subjects: computer science and information systems (551–600), business and management studies (451–500), and economic analysis (401–450). Since 2018, TalTech has also been represented in the field of electrical and electronic engineering (351–400). It holds the first position in Estonia with these two subjects. 

‘The development of the School of Business and Governance has been rapid. We are the most international higher education unit in Estonia, but now, our level can also be seen in the rankings,’ said Enn Listra, Dean of the TalTech School of Business and Governance. ‘According to QS and THE World University Ranking, three main areas of the School of Business and Governance belong to the best of the world: public administration, economics and econometrics, and business and governance. The fact that more and more students want to study at TalTech confirms the international ranking,’ he explained.

QS is one of the most reliable and popular university rankings in the world. It is monitored by both partners and students to learn about the nature and capability of universities.

QS ranks 500 universities in 48 subjects and in order to be included in the ranking, the university has to belong to the top 2% of the world in the relevant subject. 

The basis for the compilation of subject-based rankings is the academic reputation among other universities and employers in the world, the number of quotations among the sectoral articles, and the corresponding H-index. 

The full ranking is available on the Agency’s website: https://www.topuniversities.com/subject-rankings/2019