Tallinn University of Technology

The Initiation Ceremony is a tradition that will be carried on this year as well on the 17th of September. We’ll give some recommendations in order to have the best experience possible.  

Rebaste ristimine
  • If you feel ill, stay home and cure yourself. We promise that you will not be a lesser of student if you miss the ceremony by taking care of yourself and protecting others.  
  • Wear a protective mask. 
  • Use disinfectants actively. Organizers will provide disinfectant stations, however you can also take your own with you as well.  
  • Keep distance. During activities the organizers will spread people up but remember to do it yourself as well, during gathering for example.  

While we all have to pay more attention towards safety this year, it does not mean that the Initiation Ceremony will be any less fun.  

Take a closer look into each faculty’s Initiation Ceremony info: