Tallinn University of Technology

Production logistics will soon become even more efficient thanks to mobile robots. The first of these prototypes was completed in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) and Kulinaaria OÜ and will soon be helping the new Kulinaaria production plant.

TalTech's robot

‘The robot is designed to optimise and automate transport logistics in a factory of the future. This allows components as well as semi-finished products and ready-to-use products to be transported indoors from one manufacturing process to another by trajectory optimisation and positioning,’ explained Kristo Karjust, Director of the TalTech Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. The development of the mobile robot was based in part on the experience and expertise of TalTech’s Iseauto self-driving car project.

The prototype of the mobile robot was completed during the project of Tallinn University of Technology and Kulinaaria OÜ, which was one of ten research projects to receive a research grant of 250,000 euros from the European Union to improve the logistics of production processes.

‘We are planning a future factory for Kulinaaria and, together with TalTech, have been looking for the best smart production options. We are currently building a new production facility that will double the production complex to 8,000 square metres. In such a large production facility, efficient transport is extremely important to ensure that the trajectory of the products is thought through and optimal, while being environmentally conscious and employee-friendly,’ said the Director of Kulinaaria Andres Heinver. He added that if the pilot project is effective, Kulinaaria will deploy the mobile robots in the production facility which will be completed next year.

The transportable unit of the created mobile robot is boxes (type B2, B4), which can carry liquids in a container/canister, powders, empty bottles, packages, cardboard boxes, products packed in boxes, etc. On average, the company moves up to 5,000 B2 boxes per day.

The technical parameters of the mobile robot:

  • dimensions: length 700 mm, width 340 mm, height 220 mm;
  • clearance between the robot and floor: 40 mm;
  • omni wheels, which allow the robot to rotate on the spot and move sideways;
  • maximum travel speed 2 m/s, adjustable speed parameters;
  • load capacity of at least 25 kg;
  • working time of at least 6 h;
  • emergency stop and light signal for the employees;
  • a 2D camera and four LIDARs for navigation and mapping;
  • data communication.