Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology joined the Green Tiger representative organization to accelerate Estonia's movement towards a balanced economy. Nearly 40 companies/organizations have joined the initiative so far.


"Tallinn University of Technology has the goal to stand out with its climate awareness and energy efficiency, and be the test center of the future city. Ambitions this big can only be fulfilled in collaboration with partners. We see the members of the Green Tiger as good partners of cooperation with whom we can pave the road to a sustainable and climate-neutral society. Only together can we change society's values, and unless we do, there can be no green revolution," said Tiit Land, the Rector of TalTech.

The Green Tiger is a cooperation platform that aims to increase environmental awareness and lay the groundwork for a balanced economy, just like Tiigrihüpe (Tiger Leap) launched development in the technology sector. The Green Tiger draws together cross-sectoral societal needs to achieve a balanced economy. For this, environmentally friendly practices are gathered and tested in every sector.

Read more about the Green Tiger initiative: rohetiiger.ee/en/