Tallinn University of Technology

At the end of September, 40 executive workers from North Estonia Medical Centre started in a one-year development programme that focuses on expanding and balancing the management knowledge of the hospital staff as well as improving the daily work processes of managers on different levels of the hospital. The development programme is put together by the top experts in their specific fields from TalTech’s e-Medicine Centre and the Department of Business Development.

The development programme coordinated by TalTech’s open university, is targeted towards managers and their potential successors, whose work includes management of their own specific field, planning, analysis and general coordination of activities. During the programme, the participants will be introduced to the principles of the organization of economic policy and the healthcare system, managing hospital resources and developing leadership skills.

According to the project managers, Maarja Tosso and Berit Viikna, within the year, the executives get an overview of digital innovation evaluation, different financing processes, information systems used at the hospital and the opportunities of using various health data. “The workshop series also pays attention to the manager's ability to inspire and motivate, the employees' capacity for cooperation, supported by successful internal communication," added Tosso.

The workshops are carried out by five experts from TalTech’s e-Medicine Centre (Priit Kruus, Tanel Ross, Jaanus Pikani, Peeter Ross and Janek Metsallik), who have significant experience in advancing the field of digital health and implementing innovative e-health solutions. According to Janek Metsallik, cyber security and data protection often seem as very complex areas that require specific skills. „However, IT security does not just magically happen in the office of an IT security manager. During the development programme, we will discuss which concepts and established regulations help to find a meaning behind cyber security. It is also important to understand what are the habits and information sources that increase security at the level of each employee and how to assess the level of security within the organisation, "said Metsallik.

Maris Zernand-Vilson, Liina Randmann, Aive Pevkur and Mike Franz Wahl from the Department of Business Administration in TalTech, contribute to the programme with their expertise in organisational developement and management. Individual coaching sessions held throughout the year, add significant value to the development programme.

The programme culminates with a visit to a foreign hospital, giving the specialists from their specific fields a possibility to network, exchange knowledge and experiences.

E-Medicine Centre (eMedLab) with Health Care Technology MSc programme is the largest e-health research and education centre in Estonia. The research centre is focused on developing IT solutions related to the digitalisation of health care (e-health) and studying the interoperability factors necessary for its implementation.

 TalTech's Institute of Business Administration focuses on various aspects of business management in its research and development: sustainable business development, knowledge and innovation management, risk management, strategic management, marketing, supply chain management, accounting, human resource management, performance management, digital society, international business and entrepreneurship.

 TalTech Open University is a unit established for the development of continuing education training and lifelong learning, which, in cooperation with the faculties, offers opportunities for continuing education courses to promote a professional career or to retrain or acquire an additional specialty.