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Clarivate Analytics has added distinguished TalTech marketing professor Linda Hollebeek to its list of the most influential researchers of 2021. 

Linda Hollebeek
Linda Hollebeek

In total, Clarivate Analytics has a list of nearly 6,600 researchers from around the world, including Linda Hollebeek, Michael Porter, Eugene Fama and David Audretsch.   

Mari Avarmaa, Director of the Department of Business Administration, said: "Clarivate's ranking of the most cited researchers is comparable to Forbes' list of influential people. It is a recognition by experts and peers for the work and impact of eminent researchers. Linda Hollebeek is a tremendously hard-working, innovative and collaborative scientist from New Zealand. Current and future students, PhD students and researchers at TalTech will have a unique opportunity to be inspired by and collaborate with such a highly acclaimed researcher - after all, Hollebeek  is the only economis and business researcher from an Estonian university on the Clarivate list."   

Full Clarivate list is HERE

Linda Hollebeek's research focuses on customer/consumer engagement with digital technologies, including social media, online communities, artificial intelligence (e.g. service robots), innovation and value creation. Over the last decade, Hollebeek's publications on customer engagement have been the most cited by research colleagues. According to Google Scholar, the most cited article is Brodie, R. J., Hollebeek, L. D., Jurić, B., & Ilić, A. (2011). Customer engagement: Conceptual domain, fundamental propositions, and implications for research. Journal of service research, 14(3), 252-271.  

Linda Hollebeek said: “My advice to any academic author is to write papers about topics that you’re passionate about. Then, when you have decided re your topic, try write a clear, coherent story that is easy to grasp for readers (i.e., lots of iterations and hard work!). For me personally, writing an interesting story that adds value to the reader is very motivating. Overall, a lot of hard work is involved to write any research paper.” 

Linda Hollebeek holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Auckland. She has been an associate professor at TalTech for three years. In addition, she has held professorships at NHH Norwegian School of Economics and Montpellier Business School. She has many academic awards and was selected for the prestigious Clarivate list last year as well. 

In addition to the TalTech researcher, six other researchers from Estonian universities are on the Clarivate list. 

Clarivate is a global leader in science monitoring. Clarivate Analytics' list of the most cited researchers is based on data from Web of Science, the world's largest scientific database. Each year, Clarivate identifies the world's most influential social and natural scientists who have been cited most frequently by their peers over the past decade. In 2021, nearly 6,600 researchers, or about 0.1% of the world's scientists in 21 fields, received this exclusive recognition.