Tallinn University of Technology

The Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge is a unique cyber policy and strategy competition with global reach where students compete in formulating policy responses to a fictional cyber incident.

In the 7th Cyber 9/12 Challenge held in Geneva 11-12, May 2021, the TalTech-NUPS joint team (Tal-NUPS) faced a gradually escalating cyber crisis in Europe, presenting policy proposals to a panel of expert judges drawn from a range of cyber, political, geostrategic and diplomatic communities. After progressing through all three stages of the competition over two exhausting days, Tal-NUPS finished second place in a tough face-off with the teams of the world’s highest-ranking universities (more on the results here).

The four members of the Tal-NUPS team came from four different departments of TalTech and the Hungarian National University of Public Service. Both universities have a long history and experience in international student competitions, however, this was the first time for such a multidisciplinary and inter-institutional cooperation, facilitated by the ERASMUS+ Cyber Aware Student for Public Administrations (CASPA) project.

This outstanding performance is an inspiring demonstration of the talent, hard work and determination of the team members and coaches. It is also evidence that cooperation is the way forward and we are already preparing for the next season.

Congratulations to the members and coaches of the Team ‘Tal-NUPS’:

Ekaterina Zhucko (TalTech student, Cybersecurity MSc program)

Kadri Bussov (TalTech student, MA program of International and European Law)

Ágoston Szőke (NUPS student, MA program in Cybersecurity)

Mátyás Ináncsi (NUPS student, PhD program in Military Sciences)

Aleksi Kajander (TalTech coach, junior researcher at TalTech)

Dr. Péter Bányász (NUPS coach, assistant lecturer at NUPS).

CASPA project - Erasmus+ 2020-1-EE01-KA203-077958