Tallinn University of Technology

The Digital Health Master's curriculum trains change managers – people, who can develop, analyze and implement new digital solutions in the healthcare area. Their journey to, in, and after the Programme is discussed by two students - Bettina Maria Paunonen (1st year) and Isabel Paul (2nd year) - and an alumna Hedvig Soone, who works as a Project Manager of the E-medicine Center at the Department of Health Technologies at TalTech. The Podcast is hosted by Kerdu Lenear, TalTech Head of Marketing and a TalTech MBA student.

digital healthcare podcast
  • What in the Programme inspired our visitors to study e-health in TalTech?
  • Why is such a mixed curriculum an excellent stepping stone into a developing and changing career in health care?
  • How do Estonians manage to study in English?
  • Looking at yourselves, fellow students and alumni - who is the Programme a good match for?
  • Job opportunities for alumni - which are there and where are they located?
  • How technical are the studies, does one fix MRI machines all day?
  • Where else but in e-Estonia would it make sense to study anything and everything digital!

If you would also like to further your knowledge in digital change management in health care – please listen to the podcast, learn more about the Programme and apply!

For Estonian applicants: taltech.ee/e-tervis