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Today, a brand new Master’s Programme of Marine Engineering is brough to your attention by two of the Programme lecturers, Mikloš Lakatoš and Mihhail Afanasjev, and a future student, Kert Ojala. The Podcast is hosted by TalTech Head of Marketing and an MBA student - Kerdu Lenear.

What has driven those three interesting people towards marine engineering?

Why would one need a Master’s Degree in Marine Engineering in the first place?

What does it mean that naval architecture is an art of compromise?

What does it take to build giant cities that operate on a very hostile environment, the sea?

If global shipping were considered a country, how would it rank by size?

Who is the Programme a good match for, who would thrive here?

What industries from what countries will compete to hire an alumnus?

Where and how will the studies take place?

Why is Kuressaare City on the island of Saaremaa the perfect place to teach anything marine-related?

Why was now the right time to create the Marine Engineering Master's Programme?

How does the green transition make Marine Engineering more interesting for the engineers?

If you like complicated problems that require complicated solutions that require compromise and optimization – please listen to the podcast here and find out more about TalTech Marine Engineering Programme!

Marine Engineering MSc Programme Podcast