Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech School of Business and Governance considers it important to motivate students with a scholarship, as the contribution to our smart and dedicated students’ knowledge acquisition is an investment in the future of Estonia and the whole world. Scholarships of the School of Business and Governance are intended for students who stand out with good academic performance and an active lifestyle.

The School awarded two bachelor's scholarships in the amount of 1,000 euros and one master's scholarship in the amount of 1,500 euros.

The bachelor's scholarships were awarded to law students Norman Aasma and Sonja Kojo.

Norman Aasma is a student of outstanding academic success with an impressive average grade of 5.0. In addition to his excellent academic results, he is involved in the board of the Estonian branch of the European Law Students' Association ELSA and is the director of STEP, the Student Trainee Exchange Program. He is a member of the student organization of Tallinn University of Technology, MTÜ Õigus Juuratudengid. Norman's professional self-improvement is based on web-based platforms such as Coursera and EDX and he is also a singer of the Chamber Choir of Tallinn University of Technology.

Sonja Kojo is a student with high academic performance, who is a role model for her fellow students with her active and positive attitude. Sonja is a member of the board of TalTech student organization MTÜ Õigus Juuratudengid and is active as a Finnish student ambassador to introduce Tallinn University of Technology to the Finnish students and encourage them to take up studies at TalTech.

Meril Mägi, a management and marketing student with a very high academic performance - an average grade of 4.90, was awarded a master's scholarship. In addition to her master's studies, Meril is constantly improving herself within the framework of professional training. Meril's ambition for the near future is to establish her own natural cosmetics company.

Stipendiaat Meril Mägi ja dekaan Enn Listra
Master’s scholarship recipient Meril Mägi and the Dean of the School of Business and Governance Enn Listra.

The scholarship of the School of Business and Governance replaces the Flower Scholarship, which could not be awarded due to the situation caused by COVID-19. The Flower Scholarship is a student to student scholarship where the graduates of the School of Business and Governance encourage their friends and relatives to donate money to the scholarship fund instead of giving them flowers. The School doubles the amount collected as donations, which will be distributed among the scholarship recipients.