Tallinn University of Technology

These are the best support staff in 2019, without whom the university would certainly not be as functional as it is today.

Virgo Vellend
Multimedia Specialist

Virgo supports all university staff in the organisation of events and is the backbone responsible for the technical operation of the events. At both indoor ceremonies and outdoor events, Virgo will advise you on which multimedia solution to use and helps to make the selected solution work. He always finds an way – even if it seems impossible at first. There have also been situations where some very specific products are not commercially available (perhaps not even invented yet), but Virgo has built these himself out of handy resources.

Although he may not be physically visible, he is present at all TalTech events, seminars, fairs, etc., always professional and cooperative in his responsibility for the operation of the technology.

Virgo is a colleague you can rely on any time you turn to him. According to many colleagues, he is a role model for an excellent support worker at Tallinn University of Technology and who, despite being quite young, has reached a very high standard in his field, having maintained an unlimited interest in new knowledge, technologies, and multimedia solutions.

Earlier recognitions: the Student Union bronze badge, i.e. the mission badge ‘FIDELIS STUDIOSUS’

Liisi Ilu
Head of Administration at the Dean’s Office at the School of Information Technologies

Liisi has developed an administrative leadership model for the faculty and handles faculty support staff management, coordination of support services, and documentation management from preparation to coordination, including the consolidation of the faculty budget and drawing up and monitoring the budget of the Dean’s Office. With nearly 300 faculty members, over 3,000 students, and a faculty budget of 20 million euros, this is a highly demanding position.

Liisi has been a major driver of both the structural reform and the building of a new IT faculty. Her greatest value is not only the excellent performance of her duties, but also spotting problems and finding solutions on her own initiative. She has exemplified the role of Administrative Manager in the faculty and has taken on a wide variety of tasks and bottlenecks. It is impressive that, in addition to current administrative duties, she has led the development of several regulations governing the work of the faculty.

Liisi’s ability to solve all problems with utmost peace of mind and without conflict is also admirable. She can perceive the big picture and tries to contribute to the continuous improvement of processes. Her no-nonsense approach is extremely constructive in today’s fast paced life.

Aime Piht
Head of the Dean’s Office at the School of Engineering

Aime started working at the university when she was still a student. She has worked in the Department of Mathematics at the university, in the Dean’s Office of the General Theoretical Faculty, as an engineer in the ÕTO laboratory, Head of the Information Service, Head of Student Services, and Head of the Registers Office, has been the head of the SIS development team and a member of the admissions committees for many years. She was also a member of the restructuring team of Tallinn College and IT College, as well as a member of the analysis task force of Tartu College.

During the period of structural reform, she started as the Head of the Dean’s Office, arranging the work of the Dean’s Office of the university’s largest faculty that includes colleges in Virumaa and Tartu in addition to five departments. Today, the faculty offers admission to 33 study programmes, 53 study programmes are in operation, and there are 3,300 students. Aime Piht has done a great job with this difficult task – the Dean’s Office of the School of Engineering operates as impeccably as a Swiss watch. The students of the School of Engineering highly value the high-quality study counselling and work organisation of the faculty (in 2016–2018, the rating in the SIS was 4.59, which is higher than the university average).

Apparently, Aime Piht knows almost all academic staff involved in the study activities who have at least 3 years of service at the university. Her vigilant eyes and sharp mind provide a sense of security to her colleagues. You can always ask for advice from her and get reliable factual information about all of the university’s learning-related topics, figures, and processes.

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Marika Lunden
Deputy Head of the Office of Vice-Rector for Research

Although Marika has been working in the Research Department since 2008, and as such, is a sort of holder of historical memory and continuity, she is always ready for change and evolution, enabling researchers and other university staff to focus on their main job.

She is an example of a genuine and caring collaborator who is the main contact person for many employees in the Research Department and whose answers to the questions are just as many expect – short and specific. She is a people person, which is illustrated by many temporary workers, who very often bring souvenirs from their homeland to Marika and want to take photos with her. Outside the topics of R&D funding and project execution, you can get recommendations about good theatre performances, movies, exhibitions, and other cultural events from her.

Earlier recognitions: Tallinn University of Technology recognises – Top 100 colleagues.

Keiu Org
Student Recruitment Coordinator

Keiu drives more than 10,000 km each academic year to reach the minds and hearts of 160 general education schools and 6,500 high school students, and to plant the idea of coming to study at Tallinn University of Technology. In addition to visiting general education schools, she contributes to promoting the university through question times and events, where she encourages the best students to study at TalTech. She cooperates effectively with faculty and programme managers, whose interests and needs are fully taken into account in her activities. Under the leadership of Keiu, several activities aimed at school students have been introduced or modified, which help the university to be clearly visible for high school students already.

As an active and conscientious employee, she always tries to find the best ways to achieve her goals. Colleagues in the Office of Academic Affairs have said that she is a shining star in the department who stands out for her positivity, pleasant attitude, practicality, and thoroughness. It is safe to say that she has found a 100% correct position in the Office of Academic Affairs (and also in the university) – Keiu is perfect for dealing with schoolchildren. In addition to being very consistent and exemplary in her duties, Keiu, with her good sense of humour, makes her colleagues’ working days memorable too.