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TalTech has answered Telia Estonia’s Digital Cleanup Day call and invites all employees to delete unnecessary files from their computers on 31 January. The goal of the Digital Cleanup Day is to bring order to your digital life and delete all unnecessary information that has become nothing more than trash and noise over time.

The Digital Cleanup Day brings a clear and visible benefit on account of deleting digital trash in the form of freeing the storage space of smart devices, speeding up the devices, and therefore saving a lot of valuable time. Additionally, deleting the unused digital content directly reduces your carbon footprint. For example, it is estimated that the same amount of energy is spent on sending billions of junk emails in a day as on two million American homes, and that it produces the same amount of greenhouse gases as three million cars. Further projection says that by 2025, data storages will consume one fifth of the total energy produced in the world and will be the biggest polluters.

Anyone who wants to join the Digital Cleanup Day initiative can fill out a short form here to report the data volume deleted.

You have several options to join the Digital Cleanup Day on 31 January – as an individual, as a team, or as a whole organisation. There are no time limits either – you can contribute one hour to the clean-up activities or spend the entire day getting rid of digital trash.

The first nationwide Digital Cleanup Day took place in January 2019, when an estimated one petabyte, or one million gigabytes, of digital trash was deleted during the event. According to an article by Lifewire.com, it roughly amounts to 1.5 million CDs worth of digital information. Or to put it in another way, saving more than 4,000 digital photos a day throughout your entire life.

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