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Kärol Soodla, a student in the programme of studies in applied chemistry, food and genetic engineering of TalTech and European champion in the GT-30 boat class of powerboat racing, was elected as the Tartu female athlete of the year.

Kärol Soodla Läti MV etapi Aizkraukle 2020 autasustamisel
Kärol Soodla (center) at the award ceremony of the Latvian Championship competition Aizkraukle 2020. Photo: Viesturs Lācis

Kärol has already for six years been doing sports in the middle of the water and engines. She at the same time admits that actually not much is known about powerboating sports. It is according to her, a whole lot more than just speeding along a river in a boat.

The training and home are located in Tartu, she decided in the autumn of 2020 to start studies at the TalTech Faculty of Science, where she is studying in the field of applied chemistry, food and genetic engineering. She thus lives from Monday to Thursday in Tallinn and on weekends in Tartu.

Powerboating is a field of sports, in which competitions in the speed of motorboats take place. The competition vessels are divided into competition classes by boat type and engine capacity. Read more about powerboat racing from the website of the Estonian Powerboating Union.

You are curious by nature and often ask questions about the world "why" and "how"? You are interested in natural sciences and sciences? "Racket 69" is one of your favourite television programmes? Applied chemistry and genetic engineering have opened completely new horizons, from medicine to industry and agriculture. We offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the ultra-exciting world of scientific and technological achievements, as well as excellence in science. You, as a graduate of TalTech, in the field of applied chemistry, food and genetic engineering, will have an open door to more than ten master's programmes in Estonian universities and a countless number abroad.

The article is a citation from an article in the Tartu Postimees (11.12.2020)

Kärol Soodla Läti MV etapil Aizkraukle 2020
Kärol in Tartu at the Estonian Championship competition 2018. Photo: Viesturs Lācis