Tallinn University of Technology

On 1 October 1920, the first student representative body of Tallinn University of Technology (called Tallinn Technical School back then) was opened.

“Merely two years after the foundation of the university, the students realised an active student representative body was needed for the better functioning of the university, to contribute to the development of the university and higher education as a whole. In today’s Estonia with its nearly 30 student organisations, TalTech has the most active student representation,” said Sten Ärm, Chairman of TalTech Student Body. According to Ärm, the purpose of these organisations is to stand for the rights of the students, the quality of studies and the development of the university, but also for the promotion of leisure time and hobby activities.

Rector Tiit Land also confirmed that students have had a remarkable role to play in the development of the university. “No major decisions concerning development or studies are adopted without the students having had the chance to express their opinion. And their opinion is of great importance,” Land assured. “The desire and motivation of TalTech’s students to influence the academic and non-academic life can be seen and felt afar. Take, for example, any major events or sports competitions they have initiated,” he said.

Today, TalTech has more than 10,000 students studying in a total of 81 curricula. The number of alumni is approaching 73,000.

Tallinn University of Technology – TalTech – is Estonia’s leader in technology, IT science and education, providing higher education in all levels of engineering and technology, information technology, economics, natural sciences and maritime affairs. TalTech’s strengths lie in the synergy between its domains, its international character and the direction of the academic activities towards achieving practical results. In 2018, Tallinn University of Technology celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Photo gallery of TalTech’s gift to its students 1 October 2020

Tudengid said kingituseks lauatennise laua
For its 100th anniversary, TalTech gave its students an outdoor table tennis table, which was put up in the courtyard of the Student House as a symbol. The table can be used by all TalTech students, alumni and friends in their free time or for doing some athletic exercise.