Tallinn University of Technology

The student portal unique in Estonia was completed by the 100th anniversary of TalTech student body. This is a channel assembling all of the information a student needs to support studies – timetable, examination times, news and much more. The portal can also be used in the TalTech mobile application.

The portal student.taltech.ee has all of the information supporting studies at the university, and references to other systems and portals readily available. The information is personal and divided into blocks by subjects. The Uni-ID can be used to log in to the portal.

The calendar shows weekly and monthly views. By default, the current day is displayed as first in the weekly view. The events displayed are filtered into different categories:

  • Timetable – if the subjects have been declared in the Study Information System (ÕIS), the student’s timetable is displayed in the calendar based on the declaration. Each event in the timetable is displayed together with the name of the subject, type (lecture, practice class, practice), subject code, time, room, address and location tag (opens the map when clicked). If no subjects have been declared in ÕIS, no timetable is displayed.
  • Examinations – shows times of the examinations in the declared subjects. The data come from ÕIS and are displayed if the lecturer has entered any information about the respective examination in ÕIS.
  • Foreign studies – shows the application periods for admission to foreign studies.
  • Academic calendar – shows the deadlines and periods established in the academic calendar. The data come from ÕIS.
  • Events – shows information on student life related activities.

Upon admission to the university, each student is automatically given a TalTech e-mail address in the form matriculationnumber@taltech.ee. The inbox section shows the last ten letters received on the e-mail address. Clicking on the section, the user is redirected to the Microsoft Outlook inbox.
My semester subjects
The section shows the subjects declared for the current semester, the lecturers, references to subject maps and study materials (if materials are available for the subject in Moodle), current grades for the subjects (the last five) and the end result. The information is only shown if the student has a valid declaration. Clicking on a lecturer’s name, a contact search opens, showing the contact information of the respective lecturer.
My curriculum
Shows the name and version of the student’s curriculum. Also, shows the weighted average grade of the student, as well as the credit points earned, which are taken into account in the semester load. Furthermore, there are links to the weighted average grade calculator and additional information available on external websites and in ÕIS.
Shows a variety of student life news. Clicking on a piece of news, the user is redirected to the full text of the news on an external website.
Main menu and search
The main menu contains links and references to information concerning studies, and to other services and information systems provided at the university. The search field allows searching contacts at the university.
Diner menus
Shows the menu of the diners in and around the campus. Information is updated as the diners upload their menus.
There is a chat window at the bottom of the page for contacting the Student Counselling Office (Mon–Fri from 10:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.).
Personal data
Shows the name of the user, and student and/or refresher learner code. To log out or change the language, the name should be clicked.
By default, shows the contact information of the student’s Program Manager and the Dean’s office. The contacts of the Student Counselling Centre, the Student Union and the IT Helpdesk are also displayed. Use the search field to add contacts to your list.

The Student Portal is integrated into the TalTech mobile application which is downloadable from Google Play store or from Apple App Store.

Check out the Student Portal at:
student.taltech.ee or tudeng.taltech.ee

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