Tallinn University of Technology

For already 5th year in a row, the competition Praktik Cum Laude is taking place. 48 people will take part from the competition this year of which 15 are TalTech students. Vote for your favorite!  

You can vote by clicking on the name below. The link will take you to a Facebook picture which you can “LIKE” (1 LIKE = 1 vote). You can vote until 20th of October midnight.  

Sigrid Sikk 

Sigrid Sikk carried out her internship in Swedbank’s communications department, mostly trying her hand with social media marketing.  

Alesja Malinovskaja 

TalTech Virumaa College student Alesja was an intern at Solutions Ltd Estonian office. As an intern she analyzed the production project’s technical processes and ensuring sustainability.  

Katarina Kala 

Katarina chose to do her internship at Telia Estonia. She had the chance to practice quality analysist job, during which the most important work she did was transferring a migration project from one reporting system to another.  

Antonio Lustrissim 

Antonio finished his internship at Eesti Energia. He took part from practical product development and analyzed smart heating sector.  

Elor Eilaste 

Elor was an intern at Verston Ehitus. During his time there, he was responsible for traffic management, operate with a relatively new technology called Bimac and coordinate the work of other mechanisms.  

Hayder Hasan Ali Al-Sabti 

Hayder finished his internship at Telia Estonia. During his time there, Hayder had the chance to independently work on Java and Javascript languages, CI/CD pipeline usage and increasing the code quality of the application.  

Hendrik Kiristaja 

Hendrik chose to do his internship and Elektrilevi. One of the most prominent tasks he had to do was to carry out the testing and setting up the panels of 110kV transformers at Suure-Jaani electrical substation.  

Johanna Madleen Rodima 

Johhana’s place of internship was Riigi Kinnisvara. Her main responsibilites laid in the fields of marketing communication and HR development. Thanks to her, a training programme for internal trainers was created.  

Karoliina Kais 

Karoliina’s internship at Watercom passed by carrying out construction site inspections, take photos of the site situation, make sure the contractor knows about the issues concerning the construction, and inspect construction documentation.  

Kiur Kalme 

Kiur had hsi internship done at Elering. During his time there, Kiur got to know about the company’s substation’s high voltage apparatus’. He also took part from various practical tasks- from ventilation to error diagnosis of transformers.  

Marko Jõgi 

Marko did his internship at Helmes and his main task was to aid the senior analysist with various configurations of laboratory analyses.  

Mikk Margus Möll 

Mikk’s job at Information System Authority was to either create and develop one of a kind cyber security solutions from scratch or develop the ones already in place, and integrate the new ones with the already existing ones.  

Randel Orupõld 

Randel’s task at Telia Estonia was to solve supply and service incidents of private and business clients.  

Triin Junson 

Triin chose to do her internship at Elisa Estonia and her main tasks included competition mapping, project management, service pricing, and conducting customer tests.  

Vaiko Vaher 

Vaiko carried out his internship at Ermeesia, where he had the chance to compose dynamic energy simulations of buildings and aiding with certificating energy efficient buildings.  

The nominations for the competiton were presented by the employers of the interns that wished to shine light on their interns. A panel will choose the best interns from higher education institutes, vocational education institutes and also the best interns amongst foreign students. The winners will be revealed by the end of October. The competiton is organized by the Estonian Employers’ Confederation a