Tallinn University of Technology

The best student research works were announced in December. The national awards were given out in three levels of study, and in six fields. Many special awards were given out as well in addition to the two grand prizes (and other awards).  

Both grand prizes were given out to TalTech’s Peep Pihelo and Tarvo Vaarmets for their doctorate thesis works.  

Pihelo’s research falls into the field of civil engineering and it helps home owners, contruction companies, and factories with issues of mould and moisture damages.  

Vaarmets’ research work is in the field of finances, concentrating on the behavioral patterns of investors. 

Jaak Aab, the minister of education and research, thanked all the participants acknowledged them for their time put into their works. The award fund for this year was 79’877,79 Euros which is 2200 Euros more than last year.   

A record-breaking 584 research works from 31 different universities were presented to the competition committe this year.  Altogether 105 works were awarded, out of which 77 reveived a monetary prize.  

The competiton is organized by the Estonian Research Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research.

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