Tallinn University of Technology

Tallinn University of Technology invites you to contemplate the environment and personal well-being during TalTech Sustainability Week on 18–24 April. Next week, Märt Pius, Rita Rätsepp, Minna Sild, and Tuuli Rand, among others, will be sharing their experiences at the university


The week’s worth of exciting seminars and competitions will kick off with a week-long Step Challenge. In Monday’s webinar ‘Consume Consciously’, experts will talk about the causes and consequences of overconsumption and what we all can do to be more conscious consumers.

On Tuesday, sleep researcher Kene Vernik will talk about the impact of quality sleep on health, improving sleep quality, and how to fall asleep faster.

Other topics that will be discussed over the course of the week include organising sustainable events, the impact of cigarette butts on the environment, healthy diets, and unequal treatment. On Thursday, a flea market will be held at the university’s Student House, and on Tuesday, 26 April, it will be Donor Day.

The week will conclude with the Beauty of Life challenge, which aims to draw attention to both mental and physical health. On 24 April, there will be a 14.03-kilometre hike, where Märt Pius, Rita Rätsepp, Minna Sild, and Tuuli Rand will be sharing personal experience stories at the waypoints. Each participant will be gifted a tree. The number of participants is limited.

The Sustainability Week is led by business students from TalTech’s School of Business and Governance. The week of events has been timed to coincide with International Earth Day, which is celebrated on 22 April to draw the attention of the international community to environmental issues, global warming, overconsumption, increasing motorisation rates, and waste generation. This year, the list of topics will be expanded with health and how to safeguard it.

Note: Many of the activities planned for the Sustainability Week will be conducted in Estonian. For information about whether English-speakers are accommodated, see the individual events.