Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech Cheerleaders will perform during the intermissions of the Estonian EuroBasket team’s games. They will stay in Milano from the 2nd to the 8th of September and perform a total of ten different routines during the intermissions.

TalTechi tantsutüdrukud ja saltopoisid

The representative of the cheerleaders, Kristi Aedma, describes their journey to EuroBasket as rather hectic: “Our type of sport, however, does indeed require rapid reactions, thus when the opportunity rose, in July, to dance at EuroBasket, we seized the occasion. Our experiences and successful performance during the EuroBasket in Riga in 2015 helped us to prepare swiftly.”

It is not cheap to participate in EuroBasket; nonetheless, TalTech helped the cheerleaders and the monetary questions were quickly solved.

According to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Hendrik Voll, sports are highly respected at TalTech: “Our alumni include Olympic champions as well as world champions and European champions. Several active students represent Estonia in championships – both in individual and team sports. We are well aware how highly Estonians regard basketball. It is a pleasure to help encourage the Estonian team to perform well at the European Basketball Championship with the help of our cheerleaders.”

The European Basketball Championship has been held for the 41st time. The championship was supposed to take place already in 2021, but was postponed for a year due to the pandemic. This year’s competitions will be held in Germany, Italy, Georgia and the Czech Republic; on September 18th the European champion will be announced in Berlin.

Kristi Aedma

TalTech Cheerleaders

Phone: +372 5623 3133

Email: kristi@cheerestonia.com