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In August, the Department of Business Administration visited the alumnus of the School of Business and Governance Gerlin Narits, who works as Head of Marketing at Comodule.

SBG Comodule külastus
SBG Department of Business Administration visiting Comodule

Visiting different companies is a common practice at the Department of Business Administration. The goal is to understand how, for example, sustainable business development, knowledge and innovation management, risk and strategic management, marketing, supply chain management, accounting, digital society, international business, and so on, are being implemented.

Kelly Otsman, Project Coordinator at the Department of Business Administration: "The purpose of our visit was to see how the company that manufactures Tuule scooters works daily - what are the challenges and the joys and which good solutions the Department could later pass on through teaching. We discovered a company with a pleasant atmosphere in the center of Tallinn, where the employee´s potential is used to the maximum - no one is hired to perform only a single task, but the activities rotate so that everyone has an understanding of everything. The work environment is multicultural, a green way of thinking and the goal to improve the world are important keywords. All of us who visited Comodule will look at Tuule scooters on the street differently now. And let's be honest, some of us are considering now buying one for themselves."

Gerlin Narits, an alumnus of SBG and Head of Marketing at Comodule: "Both Comodule's founders and a large part of the team have studied at TalTech. While building a student formula during their engineering studies, Kristjan Maruste and Teet Praks came up with the idea of ​​makeing light electric vehicles even better and reduce the transport footprint on the environment - that's how Comodule was born. We hope that the visit inspired TalTech lecturers and they use Comodule as a positive example of how innovative technology and a strong sense of mission can make the world a better place."

Many thanks to Comodule and our alumnus Gerlin Narits for the inspiring welcoming!

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