Tallinn University of Technology

On April 1, TalTech’s Director for Administration Joosep Kaasik will be transitioning to the office of Prefect of the North Prefecture at the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. His last working day at TalTech will be March 31.

Joosep Kaasik said that the duty of enforcement of law in Tallinn and Harju County are a huge responsibility and challenge. “The last four years of working at our university have given me many opportunities to develop and test myself in a completely different environment. I have improved myself in the area of digital transformation while surrounded by top IT specialists and have been able to implement the related changes myself at the university. Working side by side with colleagues who are brilliant academics, I have also picked up a fair amount of other kinds of knowledge. I believe that my ties with the university will not be severed, and that we will also be co-operating in a number of ways in the future. And the efforts to do so will flow both ways,” Kaasik expressed.

Rector of Tallinn University of Technology Tiit Land thanked Joosep Kaasik for his committed contribution to the university’s development. “Joosep is a wonderful example of a modern leader who values progress. Under his leadership, several developments of importance for the university have been realised, including the digitisation of many of the university’s activities within the framework of the TalTechDigital initiative. And, of course, there is the establishment of the university’s crisis management principles, which are indispensable in the current situation,” Land remarked. “I am delighted that Joosep Kaasik, a two-time graduate of the University of Technology and a dedicated top executive, will be using his knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of such an important organisation for Estonia as the Police and Border Guard Board, to contribute to the security of us all,” Land added.

Joosep Kaasik has served as Director for Administration of the Tallinn University of Technology since March 2017. Prior to this, he worked for a considerable length of time at the Police and Border Guard Board, where in his final few years he served as Deputy Director General for Development. Among other things, he has worked in international policing and has served in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What the departure of the current Director for Administration will mean for the university will be determined soon.