Tallinn University of Technology

Teamsport.ee will be the name sponsor of the Rector's Cup Night basketball on November 4. In addition, the company also supports the Night Volleyball, which takes place a day later.


According to Sander Viilup, AS Jalajälg sports marketing manager and an alumnus of TalTech, Teamsport.ee works every day to offer the best product selection and service to hobbyists, athletes, clubs, companies, schools, and of course universities, in order to contribute to the growth of active lifestyle in society.

Founded in 1971, Nike is the world's leading manufacturer of sports equipment, running shoes, and sports and casual clothing. Jalajälg AS has been Nike's official representative in the Baltic countries since 1997. Jalajälg AS deals with wholesale sales of Nike products and also owns a chain of Nike stores. Teamsport.ee is an online store/platform managed by AS Jalajälg, which is aimed at serving Nike clubs and athletes, as well as everyone else who wants to conveniently purchase Nike products online.

  • Teamsport.ee presents: TalTech Rector's Cup night basketball is a 3x3 basketball tournament, which will take place on November 4, starting at 20:00. The competition center is the TalTech Sports Centre

Night basketball registration lasts until 03.11 at 23:59!

  • The Rector's Cup night volleyball is a tournament with blind volleyball rules, where the net is covered with a tarp and mixed teams on the court. Night volleyball will take place on November 5, starting at 21:00. The competition center is the TalTech Sports Centre

Night volleyball registration lasts until 03.11 at 23:59!

More infomation, registration and rules about the basketball and volleyball tournaments can be found HERE

In addition to Teamsport.ee prizes, the winners of night basketball and night volleyball will travel to Ylipall in Pärnu on university's expense on November 12 to represent TalTech.