Tallinn University of Technology

27th-28th of October 2022 TalTech chemists gathered for the first time to hold conference of doctoral students in chemistry, where they highlighted the latest progress in their research and discussed new directions and possible solutions with their colleagues.

During the two days of the conference, people gathered in anticipation to present, listen and discuss. While previously they were informed about each other's work through year-long seminars, the conference, which took place for the first time, allowed all participants to get a comprehensive overview of the work being done at the institute and experience two days of scientific presentations. The doctoral students-junior researchers themselves confirmed that the nervousness before the presentations was minimal, because they have already become accustomed to presenting the results of their research in front of their colleagues.

The event will be repeated next spring, when undergraduate and graduate students are also welcome to listen to the presentations. Conference will offer an overview of the work done in different working groups, as well as an opportunity to get more detailed information on the nature of one or another field of chemistry. In addition, during coffee breaks, PhD students and researchers will share their experiences and recommendations regarding theses and laboratory selection.