Tallinn University of Technology

In order to start the school year as normally as possible and to ensure the best student life experience, the Tallinn University of Technology, the University of Tartu, the Tallinn University, and the Estonian University of Life Sciences are inviting all students to get vaccinated.

The universities are following national guidelines and seek to create the safest possible working and learning environment for both employees and students.

The previous academic year demonstrated that while e-learning was an interesting experience, many students got tired of learning alone online and wished to see their classmates and teachers face-to-face again to have direct contact and learn more effectively.

Extracurricular activities are no less important: a lively student life is part of the university experience and, if you are vaccinated, you can participate in student events and joint activities.

Universities have implemented all measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Unfortunately, the efforts of the universities alone are not enough here, the students also need to contribute. 

Vaccination of students and employees ensures more effective protection against the coronavirus. This, in turn, allows us to continue face-to-face learning in the autumn to a greater extent than before and to enjoy a healthy social life.

Universities are offering students, university staff and local residents an opportunity to conveniently get their vaccination free of charge at the university. 

See when and where you can get vaccinated at universities

Tallinn University of Technology
University of Tartu
Tallinn University
Estonian University of Life Sciences
Vaccination points all over Estonia

Reasons to get vaccinated:

  • the likelihood of (severe) illness decreases;
  • classroom training (lectures, seminars, exercises, consultations, laboratory work) can be conducted;
  • the need for self-isolation decreases;
  • possible to use university services, e.g. the library and sports club;
  • possible to travel;
  • performing arts (choir or dance practice) and recreational activities can take place;
  • possible to hold first-year student initiation events and other social gatherings;
  • the number of sick days decreases.

The Tallinn University of Technology coronavirus instructions