Tallinn University of Technology

The University of Technology is asking for all its employees, students, and alumni to think about how to create donation habits in the university community. The best proposals will receive up to 10,000 euros to implement their ideas. 

In the world’s leading universities, fundraising and donating are very common, and many of the university’s activities are funded by donations through various funds, research projects, and scholarships. Each and every individual has the opportunity to contribute to TalTech's progress.

How can you help?

Suggest a solution that could significantly help to raise funds, whether in the form of a specific donation campaign or by improving the donation process.

  • Which specific purposes should we raise donations for? 
  • How should the donation process ideally take place?  
  • How do we ensure that donations are used in the best possible way?   
  • How to involve alumni in the donations?  

Submit your idea by 14 October


“Each and every individual has the opportunity to contribute to TalTech's development. TalTech could be one of the examples and pioneers for the development of the donation culture in Estonian society on a wider scale,” explained Vice-Rector for Entrepreneurship Sven Illing, the leader of the co-creation initiative and the topic of scholarships and donations at the university. “So far, TalTech has for many years primarily been supported by our alumni, mainly by granting scholarships to students,” the Vice-Rector for Entrepreneurship noted. 

Donations benefit students, researchers, companies, university staff, and future generations.  Each donation contributes to the university’s pioneering research and education activities.  

How exactly are the ideas realised?

  • Submit your idea by 14 October.
  • We will examine the ideas and invite the best to a hackathon to develop the ideas, put together teams for their implementation, and validate the ideas with stakeholder representatives.
  • The hackathon will take place on 12 and 19 November. Project plans for piloting ideas are prepared.
  • The jury will evaluate the project plans and, at the beginning of December, we will announce 1–3 ideas that will be implemented in the first half of 2022. 
  • These ideas will receive advice from experts and funding of up to 10,000 euros.

Donation is the first topic of TalTech's new co-creation initiative, which annually specifies challenges and seeks solutions in one specific sphere. In 2022, we will find joint solutions for another topic.

Read more: taltech.ee/en/crowdsourcing