Tallinn University of Technology

This autumn, 58 students from Ukraine enrolled at Tallinn University of Technology. In order to ensure that they get a good start in their studies and have equal opportunities to learn, the University of Technology Development Fund has launched a campaign to collect grants for them.

Toeta Ukraina tudengite õpet Tehnikaülikooolis

Elinor Toming, Head of the Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund, says that there are a number of excellent universities in Ukraine, and studying in Estonia is an excellent opportunity for their students and a privilege for us. The technology and cybersecurity disciplines are highly valued by young people from Ukraine.

"From conversations with many young Ukrainians who are already studying with us and have just started their studies, they see their future in Estonia," Toming notes. "By investing in the education of these young people, we are also improving the quality of our workforce, as these young people are likely to find employment in the Estonian public or private sector and will be future taxpayers and citizens."

The Development Fund aims to provide each of these students with a grant of up to €1,000 at the beginning of the academic year, to help them secure a place of residence for a few months (e.g. in University of Technology student housing) and cover their daily expenses.

The main costs for a foreign student are accommodation, food, study materials, medicine and medical care. "In Estonia, almost everything is two to three times more expensive. For example, food and medication. So any kind of support is helpful and gives the students more time to focus on their studies here. For example, a grant of €1,000 would cover the cost of accommodation in student housing for a whole academic year," says Ivanna, a student of economics.

Students from Ukraine will be exempt from tuition fees for the academic year 2022/2023. During spring, young Ukrainians who were already studying here were also supported by the university's institutes, each according to their own capacity.

In March this year, Tallinn University of Technology also set up a scholarship fund – "Ukrainian Students" - but unfortunately this does not yet provide enough support for all students who are Ukrainian citizens. This is why a new fundraising campaign has been launched, with the Development Fund hoping to raise €20 000 by the end of September. Tallinn University of Technology alumni are particularly encouraged to give their support. Our support and solidarity are vital in a situation where their homeland is at war.

Ukrainian students can be supported through the crowdfunding platform Hooandja or the university's Ukraine website.