Tallinn University of Technology

We have three focal areas for research: research quality, the succession of researchers and supporting researchers’ initiative.

Research quality means that we try to conduct the best, most relevant and innovative research – no matter how we measure it. We should not dwell too much on how to measure it as long as we try to be better at it today than we were yesterday and even better tomorrow. 

Supporting the succession of researchers means that young researchers enjoy working at the university, they feel welcome and supported in developing their careers. No matter whether they wish to stay with the university or take up jobs in business or the public sector or elsewhere, but they have good skills for solving complex real-life problems using scientific methods. 

Supporting initiative means that we support those who support themselves. We are keen to see scientists raising issues of societal importance, helping to raise funds to that end. We try to provide support for this and mitigate the risks in the case they do not succeed in this. 

We are already moving in all of those directions. The quality of our research has gone up in recent years, no matter the yardstick we use to measure it. Let us keep it up - trying to do better today than we did yesterday and even better than today tomorrow.