Tallinn University of Technology

War in Ukraine is a fact. Our thoughts are with the victims of this war: those who are being attacked, those whose land is being invaded, but also those who are being forced to attack and invade.


There is no war in Estonia. We are doing everything we can to ensure that war never gets here again. We have friends in the European Union, NATO and also other organisations. My wish and request is: be calm, be friendly. In Estonia, everyone is valued, valued also as a representative of one’s nationality and worldview. Cultures enrich each other, they are not each other’s enemies. Nations are not each other’s enemies, people are not each other’s opponents. All the horrors that the world has been forced to endure throughout history are born only in the minds of the rulers, in the ruling circles.  No matter how personally the war concerns us, I ask all of us to continue to work at the University of Technology in peace. The more we support each other, the more we stick together, the stronger the university, and the more effective is the research carried out here. Effective research resulting from collective effort helps to contribute to a better world. Undoubtedly, there are those among us who are having a harder time. Next week, I will convene a meeting of the heads of the schools, departments and support units in order to discuss how we can support those who need help and advice.  If anyone feels he/she needs help or advice, please write to personal@taltech.ee. The concern of each of us is also the concern of Tallinn University of Technology. Have fortitude and hope! Rector Tiit Land

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