Tallinn University of Technology

After the success of the last year’s edition, the MarineHäkk is coming back to contribute to ideas and solutions that help maritime become more sustainable! REGISTRATION & IDEA SUBMISSION IS NOW OPEN:  https://eventornado.com/event/marinehaekk-vol-2#home

MarineHäkk 2022
Marinehäkk 2022

The focus in 2022 is on building green technology solutions for marine industry that contribute to moving towards a climate-neutral economy and adaptation to these changes. The 48-hour hackathon will take place on 22nd to 24th April onsite at Mektory Innovation Centre.

The prize pool for the hackathon winners is up to 4000€ and its growing! The best teams will present their solutions 1st June in the Nordic Maritime Expo Navigate 2022. 

Read more about the hackathon and register by March 31st! https://eventornado.com/event/marinehaekk-vol-2#home

The hackathon is financed by the Republic of Estonia (Green technology business development programme by KIK Environmental Investment Centre).