Tallinn University of Technology

The School of Business and Governance of Tallinn University of Technology is an Estonian leading provider of higher education in the field of economics, business, law, and public administration. We highly value cooperation with companies that need science-based innovative solutions. Our cooperation partners include large and small enterprises from Estonia and abroad. Our researchers' expertise helps companies achieve the best business results and increase their competitive advantage.

Majandusteaduskonna tudengid rühmatööd tegemas

We contribute to developing the company's business model to enable keeping pace with the digital revolution and growing a sustainable business. We conduct research and training in business, management, finance, marketing, and the work environment. We help to compile financial models, analyze the company's growth rate, solvency and profitability, and the competitiveness of the sector. Our experts provide comprehensive big data analytics services and conduct empirical economic research to study the long-term growth prospects of small, open, and export-oriented economies. We also carry out legal analysis for new technological applications. In addition, the school works closely with public sector organizations, where the cooperation is aimed at public sector innovation, e-government, open and inclusive policy-making.

The School of Business and Governance is in strategic cooperation with several companies, characterized by a long-term contractual relationship between the company and the university. The advantage of that kind of cooperation is immediate communication and regular discussions on new cooperation projects.

Business cooperation process

The cooperation initiative can be launched either by the company or the university. Companies often approach the school with a proposal for cooperation. The purpose of their first meeting is to find out both parties' needs and expectations and map the university's competencies and resources required to solve the company's problem. The primary goal is to identify the company's problem and our researchers' and research teams' ability to solve it.

It is worth contacting the School of Business and Governance even if the specific problem cannot be referred to, but you feel there is a need for change in the company. We will map the current situation, perform analysis and suggest possible solutions.

Talent network

We know that according to the PISA tests, Estonian young people rank at the top among European countries in terms of their knowledge. As the threshold for admission to the School of Business and Governance is high, we have the elite of the Estonian smart youth. Besides domestic students, the student body of the school includes more than 700 international students who come from more than 70 countries. That intellectual resource could be used even more efficiently for developing the Estonian economy.

The School of Business and Governance serves as a good talent base for finding capable employees for your company. There are various options for employers - to propose a student project, or a team development project, in the course of which students and researchers help to find solutions to the challenges that have arisen in the organization. Offering topics for a bachelor's or master's thesis could be another practical way of finding solutions to the problems the company is facing.

To facilitate students' finding a suitable internship or job, the School of Business and Governance has created an internship portal sbg.career.taltech.ee, where a company can post an advertisement in a few minutes and for free. During the last academic year, the portal hosted more than 200 job and internship offers, which had been posted by ministries and large and small enterprises from Estonia and abroad, such as Eesti Energia, Ernst & Young Baltic, Swedbank, Sorainen, Deloitte, Bolt, Wise, Finnair and many others.

Awarding a company scholarship through the Development Fund is a great way of encouraging talents. Scholarship eligibility and conditions would be determined by the company, e.g. writing a thesis on a specific topic or a field. In the case of such research papers, the student would have a co-supervisor from the company in addition to the university supervisor. That kind of research enables finding new ideas and solutions, facilitates the search for talents and contributes to the corporate image.

TalTech School of Business and Governance is interested in cooperating with companies of different sizes and profiles. If there is a challenge in your company or organization that cannot be solved by yourself, feel free to contact Helena Rozeik, Business Cooperation Coordinator of the School of Business and Governance (helena.rozeik@taltech.ee; 620 4102). Take advantage of our researchers’ competence to add value to your business.