Tallinn University of Technology

The first title of the new Rector’s Cup of TalTech went to the Estonian Maritime Academy. In addition to basking in glory, the Maritime Academy student body will be awarded a €10,000 prize.


The Maritime Academy had a winning streak from the start of the season. Although excellent results at competitions certainly helped, the Maritime Academy earned its victory through extremely high level of participation in all events. As the Maritime Academy is the smallest school of TalTech, it was given the highest coefficients for participation.

Literally the whole academy took the bull by the horns – even the Director of the Academy Roomet Leiger encouraged his students to take part in the competitions by, for example, making darts competition strictly semi-obligatory for the students and the staff.

The €10,000 prize will not be given to the student representatives of Maritime Academy for spending as they see fit – the young student activists will have to choose a fun project submitted by one of their own to implement with the money. The focus should be on the fact that the project should somehow benefit the whole university. In addition to the prize money, the students and the staff of the Maritime Academy will also receive a magnificent travelling trophy that will be handed over to them just before the start of the next Rector’s Cup season.

Rector's Cup 2022/2023 final score:

  1. Estonian Maritime Academy - 2590,75p
  2. School of Engineering - 2077p
  3. School of Business and Governance -  1836,82p
  4. School of Science - 1727,8p
  5. School of Information Technologies - 1617,13p