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MA studies in Technology Governance and Sustainability

The Technology Governance and Sustainability is a Master’s programme that is as future-oriented as it is inter- and trans-disciplinary: from alternative perspectives on economics and development, technology and innovation, to sustainability, governance, and public policies, where all key components of a sustainable socio-economic future are purposefully linked.
The programme equips students with diverse perspectives on sustainability, innovation and technology and develops capacities for critical thinking and analysis. It nurtures practical skills for leading and managing sustainable technological, public and social innovations. Graduate destinations span careers in sustainability and innovation-centered public and international bodies, as well as private firms and community-based organizations.

The programme is designed for those who want to understand:
- the dynamics of technological and social innovations towards a transition to sustainability, and the role of different actors (entrepreneurs, companies, governments, and most of all, citizens) in these dynamics;
- the heterodox and alternative perspectives of sustainability, economic and technological development and innovation such as systems of innovation, evolutionary economic thinking, commons-based peer production, non-Western governance, (e-)governance for sustainable transitions, etc.;
- the role and the nature of technology, including its critique, and its impact on the economy, society, governance, and people from a sustainability perspective.

Avaliku sektori innovatsioon ja e-valitsemine

MSc in Public Sector Innovation and e-Governance

e-Governance and the digitalization of the public sector are most likely one of the most important reform trends for the future public sector. That’s why the public sector of the future needs experts who combine knowledge in public administration and public management on the one hand, and information systems and eGovernance on the other hand. The Erasmus Mundus Master of Science in Public Sector Innovation and eGovernance is a new and unique programme delivering those experts.


PhD studies in TalTech

In order to commence with PhD studies, the applicant shall have a master´s degree or a corresponding qualifications and a previous research experience. PhD studies in TalTech do not include any tuition or other academic fees.