Tallinn University of Technology

Orientation Days for new international students starting their studies at TalTech (Ehitajate tee 5).

Autumn Semester Orientation Days will take place on  January 26.-27. 2023.

We highly recommend attending/watching Orientation Days as it is the best opportunity to ask all the questions that may arise during your first days at the University.
If you cannot attend, then we ask to study all the materials (below at this web site, will be changed during the Orientation Days) before your arrival.

The Venue of the Event: Ehitajate tee 5 room no NRG-226

Map of the venue
Map of the venue

During the Orientation Days you will hear about:

  • academic issues, TalTech web based study system ÕIS, Moodle, timetable, course registration, classes and professors.
  • services provided by the university - Library, sports center, student counselors, psychologist, career centre etc.
    Outside of OD you may register to the Library tours.
  • possibilities to take part in student activities.
  • settling down in Tallinn and Estonia, security issues.

    Preliminary Schedule:
    Registration to Campus Game 

The Office of Academic Affairs at Tallinn University of Technology has prepared the Student ABC in order to make your arrival and stay in Tallinn as comfortable as possible. Take some time to read it and find out the most important steps that you have to take after your arrival.

Link to Orientation Screening is herehttps://echo360.org.uk/section/b1800541-2647-4a05-9eef-a3ecee36d5b5/public
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View Welcome Guide 2022/2023 as a pdf file.

First Days FAQ

If you have any questions, all exchange students can send an e-mail to incoming@taltech.ee

Student Organisations

Here you can find the list of Student Organisations that accept international students:

In case you have any questions, please contact directly Student Union (info@tipikas.ee)