Tallinn University of Technology

Plagiarism detection system Ouriginal (formely URKUND)

Ouriginal is a plagiarism detection programme that is available for use by university employees. The programme does not require separate installation, the entire activity is performed in a web browser. Ouriginal searches for overlaps with sources on the internet, publications in public databases and works of other students. The Ouriginal analytical report does not confirm or refute plagiarism, but that remains up to the evaluator of the report.



The faculty first creates a personal analysis account and shares the address with the students. The student sends the written work to the faculty’s personal analysis address (firstname.lastname.tut@analysis.urkund.com). The work reaches the Ouriginal server and overlaps are sought. The analysis report is sent only to the e-mail of the faculty, which usually takes up to 10-15 minutes depending on the length of the written work.

•    Open the www.ouriginal.com website
•    Press Login
•    Then select Web app
•    Select from the right-hand drop-down menu TalTech and press there below Login using Shibboleth
•    Enter your Uni-ID data;
•    The information that will be forwarded to Urkund will be displayed, press Yes, continue.

It is also possible to submit written works for checking using Moodle. You must activate the Ouriginal extension in the Task tool settings, to do this and at the same location enter the address of your personal analysis account. All work submitted in Moodle will be checked automatically and the link to the analysis report can be found beneath the submitted work. The percentage of overlap can also be made visible to the student if desired. 

A more precise manual for using Ouriginal is available here: https://wiki.ttu.ee/et:juhendid:haridustehnoloogiakeskus:urkund

The supported file formats are as follows: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .sxw, .ppt, .ppt, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .html, .htm, .wps, .odt, .pages.

No, the user cannot delete an uploaded document by oneself.

The document can be archived or hidden by the person that uploaded the document. The uploader may be either a student or faculty.

A student can submit his/her work to Ouriginal by sending it to the analysis address of the faculty or loading it under the Moodle e-support function set up by the faculty.