Tallinn University of Technology

TalTech offers professional psychological counselling for its students and staff.
The following topics can be discussed confidentially and in a safe and caring atmosphere:

  • anxiety 
  • worrying
  • insecurity
  • lack of motivation
  • lowered mood and depression
  • unexpected life events
  • difficulties in making choices
  • etc. 

For students: the purpose of psychological counselling is to support international students with study-related and personal challenges and difficulties. International students may experience similar difficulties to local students, however, they may face extra challenges and find it harder to adjust in a new environment. International students might feel isolated, miss the familiar, have difficulties understanding local culture or people and making new contacts, and have hard time adjusting to a different climate or a way of studying. Such topics and possible solutions to them can be discussed together with the psychologist. 

For staff: besides counselling for work-related and personal challenges and difficulties, faculty and staff members are welcome to seek guidance and support on how to help students.

Counselling sessions are confidential (information about the students’ identity and topics discussed will not be disclosed) and free of charge. 

Students can make the appointment via e-mail.  


The Social Insurance Board has brought together the various support and prevention lines it offers and has produced a leaflet to help clarify the existing helplines and support.

Support and prevention lines